Funding Opportunities

The Children’s Board invests in programs and services that support four (4) focus areas:

  • Children are Healthy & Safe
  • Children are Developmentally on Track
  • Children are Ready to Learn & Succeed
  • Family Support

The Children’s Board demonstrates the impact of our funding through accountable services that work, create, and sustain thoughtful partnerships and build continuous services for success in neighborhood communities. Our Funding Opportunities information will keep you posted on new funding and contract opportunities, as well as explain our funding guidelines, requirements, and procedures. To be notified of future Children’s Board funding opportunities, please complete the registration form.

The Children’s Board has developed an Agency Capacity Checklist to assist local agencies in determining if they have the internal capabilities to manage a government contract.

Click to view Agency Capacity Checklist

Current Open Funding Opportunities

Fiscal Year 2024 Funding Opportunities

PRO 2024-08 Leading or Uniting Grant

PR 2024-08 RFP Leading or Uniting with APPEDNDIX

Attachment 1-PRO 2024-08 Cover Sheet

Attachment 2-PRO 2024-08 Matrix Workplan

Attachment 3-PRO 2024-08 FY 24 New Program Budget Summary Narrative

Attachment 4- PRO 2024-08 Implementation Plan

Attachment 6 -PRO 2024-08 Board of Directors

PRO 2024-07 Summer Services Enhancements

PRO 2024-07 Summer Services Enhancements RFP

ATTACHMENT 1 – PRO 2024-07 Cover Sheet

ATTACHMENT 2 – PRO 2024-07 Activity and Vendor Summary

ATTACHMENT 3 – PRO 2024-07 Summer Funding Budget Summary-Narrative

ATTACHMENT 4 – PRO 2024-07 Board of Directors

Information Session Video Recording – PRO 2024-07: To learn more, click the link below:

FINAL ANSWERS PRO 2024-07 Summer Services

PRO 2024-06 Investment Grant

PRO 2024-06 Investment Grant Addendum 2

APPENDIX 10b-PRO 2024-06 Investment – HCPS Template-HCPS

Attachment 1-PRO 2024-06 Cover Sheet Addendum #2

Attachment 2-PRO 2024-06 Matrix Work Plan

Attachment 3-PRO 2024-06 New Program Budget Summary-Narrative

Attachment 4-PRO-2024-06 Implementation Plan

Attachment 6-PRO 2024-06 Board of Directors

Information Session Video Recording – PRO 2024-06: To learn more, click the video link below:

Final Answers PRO 2024-06

Investment Grant 2024-05

ADDENDUM PRO 2024-05 Investment RFP with Appendix

Appendix 8b-HCPS Template

Attachment 1-PRO 2024-05 Cover Sheet

Attachment 2-PRO 2024-05 Matrix Workplan

Attachment 3-PRO 2024-05 New Program Budget Summary Narrative

Attachment 4-PRO 2024-05 Implementation Plan

Attachment 6-PRO 2024-05 Board of Directors

PRO 2024-05 Investment Grant Final Q & A


PRO 2024-03 Administrative Services Organization (ASO): Flexible Funds for Non-CBHC Funded Programs

PRO 2024-03 (RFA) ASO Flexible Funds + Appendix A (addendum #1)

PRO 2024-03 ASO Flexible Funds RFA Application

Contract Compliance Documents 2024

6-16-2023 Contract Development Training

Disaster Communication form and Contact Information

FY 2024 CATS Authorization Form

Attachment (5) Addresses – Contact List

Fiscal Documents 2024

FY 2024 Continuation Budget Summary & Narrative

Fiscal Reporting Requirements Handbook FY 2023-2024

Additional Funding Opportunities

Emerging Needs Grant

Match Grant

Fiscal Year 2024 Closed Funding Opportunities

PRO 2024 – 01 Level (3) Leading Grant

PRO 2024-02 Uniting Grant